I'm the IT Guy
"I'm The IT Guy" History
"I'm the IT Guy" is the evolution of two companies,
B&C Computers (est. in 1989) and Cybercon Systems (est. 1997).

These two companies were complimentary of each other, B&C Computers did custom built computers and Cybercon Systems did Mobile PC repair.

Each of these companies were at the leading edge of their respective niches in the computer market. But as computers got cheaper and mobile PC repair became more prevelent these companies needed to evolve.

Thus "I'm The IT Guy".

Sure there are other PC repair companies and you can now buy a computer at Walmart, but where do you go for help with your network, or that software you bought?

That's where we shine. Our founders, who have a combined Technology experience of over 50 years, saw that this was a gaping hole in the other companies strategy. They both have worked as consultants for most of the major companies in the Orlando area and noticed that the reason the big guys could see the trends and react to them so quickly is because of their Information Technology departments and said to themselves, "Why can't the little guy do that?". Of course the answer was money. The average small business can't afford the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars the big guys spend. But how do the big guys hold down their own cost, they outsource.
That's were we come in. The average small business doesn't need a full time IT department, or even a full time IT person. So why pay for one. We are like leasing a car, you only pay for what you use. Unlike the big guys who have to make long term commitments to offshore IT Outsourcing companies, we are here locally and offer Ala Carte (or On Demand) services or your company can pay for one of our annual packages (click Here for pricing). So why don't you contact us to have one of our sales representatives come to your business and show you how we can help you save money and grow your business.